One year ago to this day, Moku Digital officially opened operations in Tokyo, Japan. We’re 1 year old in Japan!

A year ago, building on the success from the Australian scene, we expanded into an entirely new market and culture with hopes of opening new opportunities for the Japanese market for their international expansion. The challenges of business expansion into a foreign market are often daunting, however the advantages of providing a universal service in a rapidly developing industry, coupled with local connections have allowed us to slowly make our mark in the Japanese market.

Today is Thursday and it must be noted that our first birthday in Japan falls on MOKUyoubi, which is the Japanese word for Thursday. Co-incidence? We think so.

Time of open that can of Asahi beer and kanpai (cheers)! Here’s to many more meetings involving delicious Japanese food and whisky!



海外のマーケットにおける事業拡張という挑戦には困難がつきものですが、急速に成長するウェブ業界でグローバルに事業を展開してきた利点を活かすことに加え、既存のコネクションが ゆっくりながらも徐々に日本のマーケットでの成功に導いてくれました。


アサヒビールの缶を開けて、 乾杯する時です!今後の新しい出会いを願って、美味しい日本食とウィスキーを最中に乾杯!