MOKU Digital is a digital consultancy, providing digital strategy and consulting for small businesses. A successful launch in Australia led to expansion into Japan in 2015. Now we’re looking to expand our team in Japan, and we need to find the right people to keep growing.

We are looking for new sales managers to join our team, people who are passionate about digital strategy and trends, flexible, self managed and driven. Working hours are completely flexible and compensation is commission based, with no upper limit. This is perfect for someone who is solutions-focused and looking to start their career in the digital domain. Our work covers all aspects of online brand building, marketing and strategy, and requires a sharp and analytical mind, and a yearning for staying at the forefront of innovations and developments.

As a sales manager, you will be the face of the company for any clients you manage. A Moku Digital sales manager is involved in finding out about the client business and needs, and then works with the greater Moku team to create the best strategy and solution for the client. Through the collective resources of Moku Digital internationally, we are able to produce and execute anything a client requires in the digital space, from websites and web applications, SEO work, all the way to social media and ad management, allowing us the freedom to recommend the best solutions to our small business customers, and the resources to provide them.

In the on-going relationship process, a Moku sales manager is expected to spend time interfacing with each of their clients at least once a month, conveying the success of any strategies, relaying challenges, and working with the consultants to update strategies.

The successful applicant will undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Acquisition and management of relationships with new clients for Moku Digital Japan
  • Be involved in the creation of digital strategies for those clients, as well as conveying the result of analytics and reporting on the progress of any strategies in place.
  • Work with the Moku domestic and international teams for larger scale projects across the business.

Our ideal candidate will possess the following skills and attitude:

  • Excellent relationship and client management skills
  • An understanding of how different digital platforms can be utilised
  • An understanding of web development
  • Knowledge of social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Familiarity with social media content creation
  • The ability to communicate in Japanese, as well as conversational English


MOKU Digitalモクデジタル)は、スモールビジネスに対するデジタル戦略やコンサルティングを提供するデジタルコンサルタント会社です。オーストラリアにおける事業成長に伴い、2015年に日本へ事業を拡大しました。今後の更なる発展のため、日本での人員を増やすにあたって、適切な人材を募集しています。





  • モクデジタル日本支社の新規顧客の獲得、また関係の維持と管理
  • クライアントへのデジタル戦略策定に携わり、進行中の戦略の経過を分析、報告し、結果を伝える
  • 大規模なプロジェクトを手がける際に、モクデジタルの国内外のチームと共に働く


  • 協調性、およびクライアントマネジメントスキル
  • 様々なデジタル環境がどのように活用されるかの知識
  • ウェブサイト構築の知識
  • ソーシャルメディアの知識(フェイスブック、インスターグラム、ツイッター)
  • ソーシャルメディアコンテンツの制作経験
  • 日本語が母国語で、ビジネスレベルの英語力(英会話)