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C2C Sydney


C2C Sydney


Web Design
Social Media
Content Creation


Sydney, Australia

C2C is a Sydney-based tutoring centre, which provides coaching for students from pre-kindy to HSC level.

The company approached MOKU Digital to help improve the structure of their website, and start generating more leads. C2C also sought to expand their social media presence, and increase sign ups to their programs.


The team at MOKU quickly realised that although C2C had a program for free trial lessons, it was well-hidden and hard to find on their confusing website. We were able to generate the content of their website, and push a campaign advertising the chance for students to ‘Redeem a trial’ after signing up. This resulted in 45% more leads to the C2C website.

Social media strategy

MOKU Digital also worked on C2C’s social media, and used it to increase awareness. Student ‘success stories’ were written for the website’s blog, and shared on Facebook to attract people to the website.

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