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Petit Coeur


Petit Coeur


Web Design
Social Media
Content Creation


Sydney, Australia

Nurturing Growth in Baby Essentials with Enhanced Customer Journeys

Petit Coeur, a boutique offering lifestyle products for babies, partnered with Moku Digital to launch their brand and website. Specialising in health-conscious and sustainable silicone tableware, Petit Coeur focuses on the early stages of a baby’s journey.

Facing the challenge of building from scratch, the project aimed to create a user-friendly website that mirrored the brand's values and could drive revenue.

Moku Digital seized the opportunity to craft a distinct brand tone on social media and the website.

Moku Digital addressed the challenge by constructing Petit Coeur’s online store on Shopify, with a specific focus on enhancing the customer journey. By implementing intuitive navigation and a streamlined checkout process, the team improved the overall purchasing experience and customer journey. Additionally, a consistent visual language on Instagram, coupled with informative content, engaged and educated parents, fostering growth on social media.

In a mere two months, Moku Digital successfully launched Petit Coeur, contributing to an impressive average monthly revenue of US$10,000.

The optimised customer journey, marked by a Shopify store with improved navigation and a seamless purchasing process, played a pivotal role in the rapid growth of the brand.

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