Naked Foods is one of Australia’s premier destination for sustainable, organic bulk whole foods.

Naked Foods collaborated with Moku Digital to enhance its Shopify site structure and platform. With a core focus on sustainability, health, well-being, and zero-waste shopping, Naked Foods sought to innovate its online presence and shopping experience.

Facing challenges such as adapting the in-store ordering process online, managing inventory, and evolving the visual language while maintaining brand consistency, Moku Digital aimed to create an innovative, visually appealing, and engaging website. The focus included a responsive design for seamless mobile browsing.

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Naked Foods
Naked Foods
Naked Foods

Moku Digital was tasked with translating the unique in-store ordering experience to a digital one

Remaining on the Shopify platform, Moku Digital concentrated on categorising and simplifying products and product collections, and enhancing website navigation for an improved user experience. A refined visual language was established by introducing a warmer beige tone and web-friendly typography. This approach extended to structuring banners and imagery.

Keeping in line with their in-store experience, we included product codes and utilised product variants. Store analytics was used to determine the best approach to the product’s multiple variants and their weight.

To enrich engagement, the blog/recipes section was migrated to WordPress, creating a more valuable and interactive space for readers and consumers.

Not just one, but two engaging, visually appealing, and innovative websites were created.

The project yielded a notable surge in online orders and engagement, encompassing both delivered and pick-up orders. The revamped website proved easy to navigate, comprehend, and engaging for users. The strategic enhancements not only met the client’s objectives but also elevated Naked Foods’ online presence, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and organic living.

Naked Foods