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Founded in 2018, Hanaku Cosmetics envisioned bringing the allure of Japanese beauty to a global audience.

Seeking to establish a strong presence in the Vietnamese beauty market, Hanaku collaborated with Moku Digital to launch their brand and flagship BB Cream product.

The primary challenge was in developing a strategy for a new brand entering the specific Vietnamese beauty market. Additionally, creating an engaging website for a single product required a delicate balance between maintaining brand consistency and delivering value.

Hanaku Ipad
Hanaku Web
Hanaku Web
Hanaku Web

The beauty of Japanese aesthetics

MOKU Digital strategically leveraged the “Made in Japan” aspect, placing it at the forefront of social media content and campaigns. This approach, coupled with a distinct Japanese beauty aesthetic, set Hanaku apart from competitors.

The website brochure seamlessly integrated aspects of the campaign, featuring short-form video tutorials and immersive portrait imagery for an engaging user experience. Social media content highlighted elements of Japanese culture, employing a consistent colour palette to ensure a cohesive and considered digital platform.

To Vietnam and beyond.

With Moku Digital’s expertise, Hanaku Cosmetics successfully launched their BB Cream product, not only capturing attention in the Vietnamese market but also garnering global interest. The strategic campaign reached the desired demographic and beyond, creating a visually immersive website brochure. This success laid the foundation for future intriguing projects, solidifying Hanaku Cosmetic’s position as a distinctive player in the beauty industry.