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Based in Japan, Zen Kokyū is a tool that encourages us to be more mindful of our breathing. Also known as Zen Breathing, this method can be used to improve our health and wellbeing, and has changed lives across the world.

Zen Kokyū approached MOKU Digital looking to develop their online presence, in a way that would appeal to both Japanese and foreign audiences. This was in line with Zen Kokyū’s goal of increasing brand awareness and expanding internationally.

MOKU Digital quickly realised that Zen Kokyū’s previous website was difficult to navigate, and visually cluttered. It also had limited content for foreign audiences.

The team redesigned Zen Kokyū’s website to incorporate their new branding, featuring plenty of imagery and information about the brand. It was also important for the website to be multilingual and cater to Japanese and English-speaking audiences.

zenkokyu laptop moku digital
zenkokyu mobile placement

MOKU Digital currently maintains Zen Kokyū’s social media presence, and provides curated content for their Instagram feed in both Japanese and English.

The team also takes care of the brand’s media strategy, and reaches potential audiences through Facebook campaigns.


The team at MOKU Digital creates email marketing campaigns for Zen Kokyū, allowing them to communicate with their subscribers. They also create automated email sequences for Zen Kokyū, in order to generate purchases on their online store.

In order to reach to new audiences, MOKU Digital also creates media campaigns for Zen Kokyū on Facebook. With the team’s help, they were able to reach over 4000 potential English-speaking buyers through an eBook campaign.

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