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Ayro Electrical


Ayro Electrical


Web Design
Social Media


Sydney, Australia

Ayro Electrical is an electrician based in Sydney, Australia.

The team at Ayro approached MOKU Digital looking to refresh their branding, and grow their online presence. In particular, they sought to create a website and increase their following on social media. 


MOKU Digital played a significant role in Ayro’s rebranding, from coming up with the new name to creating their logo and business cards.

The branding was designed to be simple and sleek, giving the branding a techie feel that differentiates it from other electricians. This is reflected in the chosen colour palette, as well as the rounded font used in the logo.

The design of Ayro’s business cards also incorporates unique details that give it a modern edge, such as rounded corners and embossing.


The MOKU team created Ayro’s website from the ground up, making sure to include essential information and showcase the company’s services.

The final website is informative and features illustrations, which help depict the range of services Ayro provides.

Social Media

MOKU Digital continues to maintain Ayro’s social media presence, and provides curated content for their Facebook and Instagram profiles.

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