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Miele Experience




Web Design


Sydney, Australia

Miele, is a renowned German family-owned appliance manufacturer with a global presence.

Moku Digital was enlisted to create the Miele Experience website—an innovative digital hub. This platform aimed to offer customers the opportunity to book cooking or appliance demo sessions, as well as to draw inspiration from renowned chefs associated with Miele.

Faced with a lack of modern design elements in the digital space and a need for strategic branding, Moku Digital navigated the challenge of structuring a digital experience that balanced product promotion with lifestyle engagement. The goal was to generate interest in Miele’s products while providing genuine value to readers.

Pushing a Miele lifestyle to the forefront.

Moku Digital transformed the Experience website by prioritising lifestyle elements over product specifications. The digital hub exuded a premium yet approachable facade, emphasising the experience of living with Miele products rather than focusing solely on features. Lifestyle imagery took centre stage, creating a seamless connection between booking appliance demos, exploring recipes, and living with Miele products.

The user-friendly design ensured easy navigation, prominently featuring related appliances to enhance user experience. The appliance demo booking function was streamlined for convenience and simplicity.

A premium experience for a premium brand.

The outcome was a digital hub that embodies premium aesthetics, engages users visually, and promotes products in a distinctive manner within the competitive landscape. The project not only attracted attention to Miele’s products and brand but also laid the groundwork for a brand refresh, drawing inspiration from the innovative design and approach of the Miele Experience Centre website.

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